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Open Book

Publishing Your Book

  • Self Publishing my Book

    • Book Cover
    • Interior Layout
    • Submission on KDP with keywords and categories
  • Find Me a Publisher

    • Submission materials guidance and review
    • Submit to publishers in network
    • Guidance to submit to your top publishers
    • Contract offer review service
  • Help Me Submit to Traditional Publisher

    • Submission materials guidance and review
    • Agent list and publisher list - 15 candidates to submit
    • Contract offer review

Insider Highlights

What you must know about publishing to get started.


  • Book Proposal

  • You don't have to have the book finished

Self Publish

  • Quick and cost-effective

  • Marketing is 100% on the Author


  • Submission Materials

  • Must have the book finished


  • Need Agent

  • 18 months to retailers

  • No upfront investment

Small Press or Hybrid

  • 9-12 months to retailers

  • Upfront investment

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