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How Jim found me at Dream To Author


Jim and I had mutual friends but formally met on LinkedIn where he said he was working on a memoir.  Learning more about his life journey, the challenges and victories inspired me and he enlisted my coaching services to complete his book and get it ready to publish.  After meeting on zoom several times and reviewing his book with my editor, he was ready to publish.  He asked if I would publish his book.  I told him I was not a publisher, to which he replied...."Can you be a publisher?  I don't want to work with anyone else."  Needless to say, I was humbled and got to work right away to start Hovey & Associates Publishing Company and we released his book in December of 2023.  He's had some amazing success since with virtual book signings, podcast speaking events, media interviews and more.  This all added up to sales above his goals for his book.

Meet Former Congressman Jim Ross Lightfoot (R)IA

Jim Lightfoot 2.jpeg

Here is what Jim had to say:

"I was ready to quit. After several attempts at writing my book, I was very discouraged and decided it would never happen. And then came Jackie Haley, and “Dream to Author”. She encouraged me, helped me edit my book, and got it published for me. You will never know the feeling of picking up your book for the very first time, until you experience it."

Jim lightfoot.jpg

How Lynn found me at Dream To Author


Lynn and I met through a mutual acquaintance and she had a book she wanted to write, but she owns five businesses and time was extremely limited.  We talked and I recommended some ways I could help.  She let me know she had a friend that would help her get started on her book and she wanted to try that first.  I wished her well and encouraged her to keep writing.  A year had passed and Lynn reached out to me.  She hadn't done any work on her book at all and she was in need of an expert and accountability partner.  We customized a service for her and had an amazing time getting her book organized into something extraordinary that would connect with readers.  It was an honor to help her get her book released, which has springboarded her speaking platform.  Seeing the success of her first book has led to her writing her second book.

Meet Multi-Business Owner, Speaker & Author Lynn Kuhn

Here is what Lynn had to say:

"Dream To Author gave me the organization and discipline I needed to complete my book.  I had been thinking about it for years and could not have completed it without Jackie's help and expertise.  I highly recommend anyone writing their first book to contact Jackie Haley."

How Jim found me at Dream To Author


I was connected with Chicago Bank President Jim McMahon through my social media expert and friend, Shellane Sauer Tilton (BeeSocial).  Jim's journey from broke blackjack dealer in Las Vegas, to successful bank CEO and owner was truly inspiring and his book idea had a message for anyone out there looking to obtain and retain their c-suite level position for decades.  He's a wealth of knowledge and was eager to share what he knew with others through his leadership book.  In the midst of selling his own bank and transitioning into his own business, he joined the Author Creation Project Program and became a successful published author within 12 months.

Meet 37-year Bank CEO and new Author & Executive Coach Jim McMahon

JIM with best selling book.jpg

Here is what Jim had to say:

"Jackie Haley's services are second to NONE!"

Check Out More Authors

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Loren Prairie headshot.jpeg

Here is what Loren had to say:

“Jackie (Dream To Author) has been invaluable to me as I draft my non-fiction management book. She has helped with concept, high level structure, voice and focus my narrative. Also, she helps keep me on task so my project moves forward.”

Elena G1.jpg

Here is what Elena had to say:

“Jackie helped me take my dream of writing a book and turn it into a reality with simple and achievable goals.  If not for Jackie, I don't know that I would have ever gotten started, let alone finished and published my book in a matter of months!"

Elena Greenberg.Cover.jpg
Gaynor Morrissey1.13.23.NewZealand.jpg

Here is what Gaynor had to say:

Gaynor Morrissey.New Zealand.Cover.jpg
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