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Truce Island

Jessica Blake knew about her husband’s past as a diamond smuggler before she married him. As detailed in the prequel thriller, Crystal Beach, the romance between Jessica and Jonathan has been full of danger and intrigue. Now, as the two finally wed, Jessica faces her most dangerous adventure yet—a vengeful Russian general has set his sights on the newlyweds.


General Alex Petrov never forgave Jonathan for helping the general’s daughter, Kira, escape an arranged marriage. The news of Kira’s death turned Petrov’s anguish into blind hatred. His wish: to teach Jonathan a lesson.


The adventure begins when Petrov guards kill Jonathan’s personal assistant and loyal retainer, Carl. As Jonathan tries to process the death of his friend and partner, Jessica struggles with the information Carl divulged to her right before his death—that he was an informant with the FBI. To keep Jonathan alive, Jessica may have to continue Carl’s mission and enter a deadly game of cat and mouse between the FBI, drug smugglers, and a mystery ally.


In this romantic thriller about diamonds, danger, and desire, Jessica Blake proves once again that she is no mere “damsel in distress.”

Truce Island

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