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Script Mastery: A Crash Course in Feature Film Screenwriting

Are you bursting with a story that needs to be told, a movie idea that consumes your thoughts?

Join us for an engaging workshop on feature film screenwriting. Get ready to master the fundamentals of crafting your first screenplay.

September 22nd

Acting Audition

Have you always wanted to write a script but find yourself unsure of how to begin?

By attending this session, you'll not only acquire valuable skills and knowledge but also cultivate  a positive and productive approach to your writing endeavors.

This free webinar will be led by Joe Clarke, an acclaimed filmmaker originally from Iowa, now based in Beverly Hills. Joe's recent work, "Alta Vista," was awarded Best Picture at the London Independent Film Awards and earned him the Best Screenplay accolade at the Marina Del Rey Film Festival. His films can be streamed in over 165 countries on major platforms, including Amazon, Tubi, Netflix, and more. Presently, he is in production for the documentary "Homeys," produced by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Ira Wohl.


Script Mastery: A Crash Course in Feature Film Screenwriting

An engaging workshop on feature film screenwriting.

Get ready to master the fundamentals of crafting your first screenplay.

The Schedule

This three-hour training session will be conducted over Zoom, providing you with an immersive learning experience. Read on to discover what awaits you in this webinar.

September 22nd


Mindset and Goal Setting:

Unleash Your Writing Potential


Explore the important foundations of feature film screenwriting, including:

  • Embrace your inner screenwriter: Discover empowering techniques to unlock your full writing potential and cultivate a mindset of creativity, confidence, and self-expression.

  • Strategies for success: Learn proven strategies and practical tips to develop the right mindset for successful screenwriting, including overcoming self-doubt, managing distractions, and staying motivated throughout the writing process.

  • Time estimation mastery: Gain insight into estimating the time required to bring your story to life on the page, allowing you to plan effectively and stay on track with your writing goals.

  • Realistic goal setting: Learn how to set realistic and achievable goals, even if your schedule is packed. Find the balance between your writing aspirations and other commitments, ensuring progress without sacrificing your well-being.

  • Results without burnout: Discover techniques to achieve tangible results in your writing journey while prioritizing self-care and avoiding burnout. Develop sustainable practices that enable you to stay inspired, energized, and healthy throughout the creative process.

7:00 PM


How to Stand out:

Marketing and Developing a Screenplay


  • Understanding what hooks a producer: Gain knowledge about techniques and strategies that can grab a producer's attention and make your project stand out from the rest.

  • Crafting a marketable product: Discover the essential elements for creating a marketable product and learn how to develop your idea into a compelling story that has commercial appeal.

  • Identifying the key elements of a successful screenplay: Learn about the top five must-haves in a screenplay, such as strong characters, engaging plotlines, effective dialogue, and effective pacing.

  • Unveiling industry trends: Stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry and incorporate them into your screenplay to make it more relevant and appealing to producers and audiences.

  • Enhancing the marketability of your project: Get tips on how to tailor your screenplay to different genres, identify target audiences, and strengthen the commercial potential of your project.

8:00 PM


Crafting a Compelling Story:

Captivate Your Readers from the Start


  • Storytelling Skills: By understanding the elements that make stories compelling, participants can enhance their storytelling abilities. They will learn techniques to engage the audience and create impactful narratives.

  • Engaging Start: Participants will discover various strategies to start their stories in an attention-grabbing way. Learning how to captivate the audience from the beginning can significantly increase the impact of their message.

  • Constructing Powerful Messages: Crafting a powerful message is crucial for conveying ideas effectively. Participants will explore techniques to structure their stories in a way that resonates with the audience and delivers a clear and impactful message.

  • Emotional Connection: By understanding the power of emotions in storytelling, participants will learn how to create an emotional connection with their audience. Engaging the audience's emotions can make their stories more memorable and impactful.

  • Increased Engagement: Developing effective storytelling skills can help participants engage their audience more effectively. This increased engagement can lead to better retention of information and a stronger connection with listeners.

  • Convincing Communication: Participants will learn to communicate their ideas persuasively through storytelling. By understanding the elements of compelling stories, they can strengthen their ability to influence and convince others.

  • Memorable Storytelling: Crafting a powerful story leaves a lasting impression. Participants will be equipped with the tools and strategies to create memorable narratives that resonate with their audience long after the story has been told.

  • These benefits and takeaways can help participants become more effective communicators, captivating storytellers, and persuasive presenters in various personal and professional scenarios.

9:00 PM

In This Training You Will Learn

How to know your story is good.

How to sell it.

How to do it.

Meet Joe Clarke

Joe Clarke is an award-winning filmmaker from Iowa, now based in Beverly Hills. With a passion for film ignited by a camera gift from his older brother, Joe began making movies at just ten years old. After graduating with dual degrees in Communication and Cinema from the University of Iowa, Joe founded Backrow Studios. “Alta Vista”, his most recent work, earned Best Picture recognition at the London Independent Film Awards and Best Screenplay at the Marina Del Rey Film Festival. Joe also boasts national commercial campaigns including ACT Test Prep, the Buffalo Bills, and Hilton brand hotels. Joe's latest venture is his debut book "The Tao of Hollywood," published to critical acclaim.


His films are streaming in over 165 countries on major platforms such as Amazon, Tubi, Netflix, and more. As the CEO of Backrow Studios, Joe brings a unique blend of creativity, innovation, and business acumen to every project he undertakes, consistently pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling. With a passion for excellence and a deep commitment to his craft, Joe is a true leader in the entertainment industry.

Red Chairs

Let's Bring Your Screenplay To Life.

Enroll in the Script Mastery Course.

What People Are Saying...


“Working with Jackie, I feel like I'm getting somewhere. Jackie combines encouragement and discipline in that creation process. I would highly recommend Dream To Author for your writing project.”


"Dream To Author has been invaluable to me as I draft

my non-fiction management book."


"I have been impressed with Jackie's dedication to
follow through and get things done. She is always
extremely helpful and has a wealth of knowledge on
writing, publishing and marketing her books."

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